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Died 2200, Rainbow Star Group
Species Gamilas
Allegiance Gamilas Empire
Rank General
Commands held Domelaze, Domelaze II, Balan base
Portrayed by Osamu Kobayashi (1974-75)
This article describes the character Domel from the original Space Battleship Yamato series. For his counterpart in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, see Erich Domel.
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Domel is a famed general with many victories under his belt, and a powerful physique to match his ego. Domel is put in charge of the campaign against Earth and offers to destroy the Yamato in his leader's name. However, despite using both outright force and psychological warfare, he too is defeated in battle time and again, culminating in a scheme to destroy the Earth ship on planet Balan which succeeds only in the destruction of the Gamilan base there. Offered one last battle for honor, he challenges the Yamato to meet him at the Rainbow Star Group; so meticulous is his planning that he very nearly succeeds, and it is only quick thinking (and luck) on the part of the Yamato crew that destroys his fleet. He then attaches his command ship to the underside of the Yamato and self-destructs in a vain attempt to complete his mission. He is credited with the invention of a device called the Instant Matter Transporter, capable of teleporting whole battle fleets into the vicinity of an enemy vessel, which is used later by Dessler himself.


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