This article describes Abelt Dessler's first flagship. For its replacement, see Desura II.

Desura and its escort heading for Balun.

Desura was a Zoelguut-class super dreadnought, and the personal flagship of Great Garmillas Empire ruler Abelt Dessler until its destruction.


Desura was essentially identical to other super dreadnoughts of its class, but as Dessler's personal flagship, the bridge was given an ornate gold design that resembled the throne room of the imperial palace in the capital city of Baleras. The ship's hull was painted in the distinctive blue of the Imperial Guard fleet, and the bridge crew was composed of Imperial Guard officers.

In 2199, the dreadnought left with an Imperial Guard escort on its way to the planet Balun for an inspection tour. A member of Dessler's cabinet, Inspector General Herm Zoellik, used the tour as an opportunity to assassinate Dessler by having the ship's main engine sabotaged. Before the ship could transit the Geschtam gate leading to Balun, the engine overloaded and exploded, destroying Desura and killing everyone aboard, including a body double posing as Leader Dessler ("Point of No Return").


Blame for the ship's destruction was initially pinned on two loyal members of the imperial military, allowing Zoellik to move ahead with his plot to take the imperial throne for himself ("Out of the Forest of Memory"). However, with the real Dessler operating in the shadows and receiving help from other members of his cabinet, the sabotage of Deusra eventually paved the way to derailing the ambitious inspector general's plans ("Over the Black Light").

The ship's official function as Dessler's personal flagship was eventually replaced by a more powerful vessel, Desura II ("One Man's War").

Japanese language informationEdit

デウスーラI世 Deusūra I yo