Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
  • 4 triple 330 mm positron beam turrets
  • 4 triple - barreled 280 mm positron beam cannons (in 2 side mounts, 3 barrels fore and aft each)
  • 4 forward ventral torpedo tubes
Length 270 meters[1][2]

The Destoria-class Astro Heavy Cruiser is a second-tier Great Garmillas Empire space combat ship type serving in the empire's astro fleet.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Destoria-class is a type of second-class space armoured vessels. Known for its powerful beam cannons, the ship acts as the backbone of the Imperial Astro Fleet. It is classified as "battleship" on the earth's side[3].


The Destoria-class was seen service in almost every major battle between the Imperial Astro Fleet and the space battleship Yamato. Although its beam weapons are capable to penetrate the hull of most ships of the United Nations Cosmo Navy ("Messenger of Iscandar"), they are insufficient to breach the Yamato's wave-motion shield. However, without the protection from her shield, a Destoria can still damage her with several well-placed beams ("Over the Black Light"). The armour of Destoria makes the ship immune to beam attacks from most of the Earth's ships ("Messenger of Iscandar") but provides little protection from Yamato's main cannons or torpedoes ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere"; "The Sun Sets on Pluto"; "Over the Black Light"). Its cruise speed may exceed that of Yamato as one such ship deployed by the Imperial Guard is able to catch up with Yamato on Baleras ("One Man's War"). Destoria cruisers are mainly used en masse by naval commanders to achieve an overwhelming firepower in combat. One of the successful operations using this tactic including the Destoria-class was executed by Erich Domel to heavily damage Yamato ("Point of No Return"). However, inappropriate commands may cause severe friendly casualties using such line-of-battle tactic, especially facing a single fast moving target ("Over the Black Light"). Besides its extensive involvement in the Earth-Garmillas war, Destoria also participated in other theatres including the war against the Gatlantis ("A World I Once Saw") and the annihilation of Alteria ("Point of No Return"). Despite its service in the regular navy, Destoria-class ships were also used as escorts of Leader Abelt Dessler's flagship Desura I ("Point of No Return").

References Edit

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Japanese language informationEdit

デストリア級航宙重巡洋艦 Desutoria-kyū kōchū jūjunyōkan