Dessler Cross

Erich Domel's Dessler Cross.

The Dessler Cross is one of the highest awards for service in the military of the Great Garmillas Empire during the reign of Leader Abelt Dessler.

After establishing a long record of battlefield victories for the empire, Lieutenant General Erich Domel was granted the Dessler Cross in 2199. Despite the great honor associated with the medal--and the very vocal appreciation of his troops when word of the medal was delivered by Admiral Gul Dietz--Domel was hesitant, and saw it as a distraction from his new campaign against Gatlantis forces. The admiral admitted that political motivations were responsible for the timing of the award, and ordered the general to accept ("A World I Once Saw"). Days later, Domel was welcomed to the capital city, Baleras, by an adoring public audience and received his medal from Leader Dessler in front of the imperial palace ("What Lies Beyond").

Japanese language informationEdit

デスラー十字 Desurā jūji