Super Carrier
Affiliation Denguil Empire
General characteristics
  • Stern engines x 8

For their planned invasion of Earth, the Denguil Empire deployed a massive super carrier as the main striking platform for their aerial forces.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The massive carrier had a generally vertical layout. The bridge was directly located above the bow, where the carrier's aircraft were launched. In the stern, the fighters entered and were stored in a massive, spherical, compartment and were launched out via a massive tube system ending at the bow, to build up their kinetic energy, in order to speed up the launching process. 

The giant carrier does not have any visible defensive armaments, making it vulnerable to any form of attack.


Barely escaping the flooding of the Denguil homeplanet, the giant carrier was used by Lugal de Zahl as his invasion forces' main strike platform. After the main Denguil battle fleet easily destroyed the EDF's evacuation and battle fleets, the giant carrier warped, Earth-side, and launched its massive complement of fighters on the planet. In the lightning-quick assault that followed, the bulk of the EDF's fleet deployed on the planet were destroyed, save for the Yamato and nine other ships. 

A few days later, the carrier was destroyed along with the majority of the Denguil's invasion fleet by the guns of the Yamato.[source?]