Mobile Fortress
Affiliation Denguil Empire
Launched Unknown
General characteristics
  • Stern engines x7
Length 2025 meters
During their invasion of Earth, the Denguil Empire made use of a gigantic mobile fortress, until it was destroyed by the Yamato.

Armaments and Technical Specifications Edit

The 2025-meter [1] long ship was not meant as an offensive weapon. Rather, it was used as a mobile refuelling station for the Denguil invasion fleet, so that the ships could routinely be rearmed and refueled. As a result, the fortress is not very well armed, nor it is well-armored.

History Edit

After barely escaping the Denguil homeworld after it was flooded by the water planet Aquarius, Lugal de Zahl, plus a massive amount of the Denguil empire's space navy in his mobile fortress, encountered the Yamato, which earlier had tried to save some refugees from the Denguil homeworld. Lugal de Zahl ordered a sucessful torpedo attack, which managed to disable the Yamato for a few hours.

The ship was later used as a staging base for the Denguil's Earth invasion fleet, which managed to destroy the EDF's battleship and evacuation fleets. A few days later, Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori, in a Cosmo Zero, managed to find the mobile fortress and later directed the repaired Yamato's guns at it. Following the barrage, the ship was completely destroyed. Lugal de Zahl barely escaped with his life to report back to his father. (Final Yamato)


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