DWG109 Devarke

DWG.109 Debake

DWG.109 Debake is an astro carrier-based single-seat fighter used by the military of the Great Garmillas Empire.

History Edit

Lyle Getto

Lyle Getto during the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster

A DWG.109 squadron deployed from Gaiperon-Class Multideck Astro Assault Carrier Bulgrey led by Major Lyle Getto was sent to engage the incoming Cosmo Falcon squadron in an attempt to distract human's attention, allowing the subsequent attack on Yamato to face weaker airborne resistance during the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster. DWG.109 was proven to be a match for Cosmo Falcons as Getto managed to shoot down Takashi Daikuhara and gained the upper hand on Saburo Kato but was instead distracted by news of the destruction of Bulgrey and killed by Kato.[source?]

Notes Edit

  • The DWG.109 shares part of its designation with the Messerschmitt Bf 109 used by the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany during World War II. The Bf 109T was designed as an aircraft carrier-based fighter for the cancelled aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin 
  • The delta wing design of the DWG.109 bears a striking resemblance to the Lippisch P.13a and 13b jet interceptors, Wunderwaffe (wonder weapon) aircraft designs of Nazi Germany which were never built.  

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