aka Cosmo Hound
First appearance [1]
Affiliation Earth Defense Force

The Cosmo Hound is a transport space plane used by forces of the Earth Defense Force. Like most space crafts in the show it has transatmospheric capability.


The Cosmo Hound is an exploration and observation aircraft intended primarily for exploration. It is a large machine with a delta wing, windshield reminiscent of World War II or 50's designs. It has two decks with survey analysis chamber, observation room and computer room, upper and lower hangar. It has a large cargo space with a high loading capacity and can transport a helicopter or various vehicles such as snowmobiles. By leveraging the bay it can increase room space for SAR missions, more medical equipment and more patients.

For self-defense it has a single machine gun turret in the nose dome.

References Edit

  1. Yamato S3 ep02


  • designed by Katsumi Itabashi
  • It was designed after the B-29 Superfortress.