Charis Kreuz
Native name カリス・クロイツ
Born Gamilas
Died 2200 (age 41 Earth Years)
Rainbow Cluster
Allegiance Gamilas
Rank Major
Commands held Space Carrier #3
Battles/wars Diamond War Front
Portrayed by Isao Sakuma (1975)
Takuya Sato (2011-)

Kreuz (クロイツ Kuroitsu?)

A commander who served under Domel in the battle at the Rainbow Cluster, having earned great acclaim at the Diamond war fronts. He commands the blue Space Carriers #3 and its respective fighter, dive-bomber, and torpedo plane air groups. All four captains fly into battle themselves alongside their men, though Kreuz is not shown (due to an oversight by the animators). His ship is caught up in the drill missile explosion and destroyed.


His name is changed to Charis Kreize (カリス・クライツェ Karisu Kuraitse?)

Trivia Edit

  • It is possible that Kreuz in the 1974 series was named for Nazi Germany's highest military award, the Ritterkreuz (or Knight's Cross), since "Kreuz" is the German word for cross.