Blue Noah
EFF-0018-Blue Noah
First appearance Yamato 2520
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
General characteristics
Registry EFF-0018 (Earth Federation Flagship)
Armaments Wave Motion Gun
10 primary triple barrel Shock cannon turrets (6 Fore, 2 Aft top & bottom)
5 secondary triple barrel Shock cannon turrets (3 Fore, 2 Aft)
4 secondary single barrel Shock cannon turrets (ear wings)
8+ Pulse shock cannon turrets
8 SAM cells (top bow)
30 Torpedo Tubes (10 Fore, 10 Starboard & Port)
Defenses Reflective shield
Bubble shield
Propulsion Wave Motion Engine
primary thruster
2 secondary thrusters
Length 800 m [1]

Blue Noah, ブルーノア was a superdreadnought class ship and the Earth Federation Flagship and flagship of the elite 7th Fleet stationed at the planet Rococo before the Galactic Hundred Year War resumed. The Blue Noah's bow is consists of "tri-pronged" front where between the two upper prongs lay the Wave Motion Gun. The bridge contain multiple advance digital interfaces, as compared to the Yamato's more solid metal build. Like most EDF ships, the Blue Noah have a third command bridge located underneath the vessel. Unlike the Yamato, the ship's delta wings does not retract but does serve as a fighter hanger doubles as a take off hatch when swivled outwards.


By 2520, through repairs and constant upgrades, the Blue Noah has been kept in operation for 300 years.[2] First appeared in Yamato 2520 the Blue Noah became the Earth Federation Fleet Flagship after the Yamato was lost in 2503 C.E. In 2520 C.E. she was stationed above planet Rococo to protect the ancient ruins of the Gorda civilization when the Galactic Hundred Year War resumed. She along with the 7th Fleet successfully made their escape back to Earth Federation Headquarters' location.

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Typical for the time it was classified as a superdreadnought. The ship carried large amount of fighters. The fighters are kept within the wing section that open up at the wing root from the front such that the inner section will face the front, allowing the fighters to be launched straight forwards. There are 6 launcher bays within the nose side bulges allowing fighters to launch sideways.


  • 1x Wave Motion Gun (centerline)
  • 10x Large primary triple-barrel Shock Cannon turrets
  • 5x Secondary triple-barrel Shock Cannon turrets
  • 4x Secondary single barrel Shock cannon turrets (ear wings)
  • 8+ Pulse shock cannon turrets
  • 8 large SAM cells
  • 30 Torpedo Tubes

Known CrewEdit

  • Colonel Schmidt, Fleet commander


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