Blue Noah
Blue Noah
First appearance Yamato Rebirth
Affiliation Earth Federation
Launched 2220
General characteristics
Fighters Cosmo Pulsar
Armaments Wave Motion Gun
8 primary triple barrel Shock cannon turrets (6 Fore, 2 Aft)
4 secondary triple barrel Shock cannon turrets (2 Fore & Aft)
2 Secondary dual barrel laser cannon turrets (ear wings)
8 Pulse laser turrets
8 interstellar ballistic missile (IBM) cells (Bow Dorsal)
8-cell SAM launcher (forward of bridge)
24 Torpedo Tubes (10 Fore, 7 Starboard & Port)
Defenses Reflective shield
Bubble shield
Propulsion Wave Motion Engine
Length 450-500 m [1]

Blue Noah was the Earth Federation Fleet Flagship before the SUS Empire-Earth Federation War and is the newest Earth Federation carrier. She was destroyed in the Attack on the 1st Migration Fleet in which the Blue Noah was escorting along with a large fleet of Super Andromeda Class ships.


In Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection,, in 2220 A.D., the Blue Noah was the first ship to lead the 1st Migration Fleet where this ship is severly damaged and a Super Andomeda captained by Yuki Mori was destroyed by the S.U.S.The Yuki later came to it's wreck where both ships were attacked by a S.U.S. Fleet where Kodai and a survivor named Kamijo used the ship's still functioning gun turret to decimate the attackers.

Overall Characteristics

Blue Noah 8

Blue Noah's main bridge

The Blue Noah's bow is consists of "tri-pronged" front where between the two upper prongs lay the Wave Motion Gun. The bridge contain multiple advance digital interfaces, as compared to the Yamato's more solid metal build. Like most EDF ships, the Blue Noah have a third command bridge located underneath the vessel. Unlike the Yamato, the ship's delta wings does not retract but does serve as a fighter hanger doubles as a take off
Blue Noah 9

Blue Noah's Bridge - Forward View

hatch when swivled outwards.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Blue Noah 13

Blue Noah's upper deck

Although it is classified as a carrier, it acts more like a battle carrier than an ordinary fleet carrier. It features two columes of heavy and light triple-barreled shock cannons as well as a wave motion gun as its main weaponaries. During the first SUS attack on the migration fleet, it utilised its shock cannons to destroy several SUS battleships before being disabled.
螢幕截圖 2014-09-06 10.50.16

Blue Noah's port-side hanger

As designed to be a carrier, the ship was purposed to carry large amount of fighters. The fighters kept within the wing section that open up backwards so that the inner section will face the front, allowing the fighters to be launched straight towards any enemy in the forward position.

The ship was made to take vast amount of damage, as shown when Kodai can fly the husk as the electrical system remain mostly intact.


  • 1x Wave Motion Gun (Concentrated Type)
  • 8x Large primary triple-barrel Shock Cannon
  • 4x Secondary triple-barrel Shock Cannon
  • 2 Secondary dual-barrel laser cannon turrets
  • 8 Pulse laser turrets
  • 8 large interstellar ballistic missile (IBM) cells
  • 8-cell SAM launcher
  • 24 Torpedo Tubes

Known Crew

Ryo Kamijo: Tactical Commander

Susumu Kodai: Captain and Pilot(Technicality due to using the wreck against S.U.S. fleet)


  • The ship was named in homage to Yoshinobu Nishizaki's series Space Carrier Blue Noah.
  • In 2009, the same ship and its design were reused from the Yamato 2520 anime, where it first appeared. New sketches were made for the destroyed ship scene by Makoto Kobayashi. Minor changes were made to the gun barrels to fit the era's technology style.

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