Baleras II in orbit, facing the planet Gamilas

The Dimensional Mobile City Fortress Second Baleras, commonly referred to as Baleras II and Second Baleras, was a massive space station constructed by the Great Garmillas Empire under the leadership of Abelt Dessler. Orbiting between the planets Garmillas and Iscandar, Baleras II was intended to become the capital of a new empire uniting these two worlds.

Characteristics Edit

Baleras II overview

View of the upper surface of Baleras II.

The design of the giant station was based on the capital city of the Great Garmillas Empire, Baleras; high-rise buildings on both the top and bottom hulls of the station were architecturally similar to those found on the surface of Garmillas, especially the central upper tower that resembled Dessler's royal palace. Transparent shielding that dominated the station's outward appearance protected these living areas from the vacuum of space. At least one sector of Baleras II was assigned to industrial activities. The entire facility was powered by a wave motion engine, the product of Iscandarian technology.

Baleras II served as the construction and storage facility for the primary hull of Dessler's most recent flagship, the Desura II. With the flagship docked at the station, Baleras II became a firing platform and aperture for the Dessler Cannon, the first wave motion gun to be possessed by Garmillas[1] ("The Planet That We Head For", "One Man's War").


Construction on the station was overseen by Minister of Defense Welte Talan, and was near completion by the time the Earth ship Yamato reached the system in the year 2199.

Baleras II fired its Dessler Cannon at Yamato from the L1 point between Garmillas and Iscandar only moments after the Earth ship entered orbit of the nearby gas giant Epidora. The shot barely missed and temporarily disabled some of the station's systems, but it destroyed Epidora. After Yamato charged across interplanetary space toward Garmillas and rammed the royal palace itself, Dessler rocketed away to the safety of Baleras II and continued the fight from there. He remotely decoupled Industrial Sector 633 from Baleras II and launched it toward the city, planning to crush the invader--along with many of his own people--under the sixty million ton component, only to see Yamato vaporize the component with its own wave motion gun. Dessler responded by targeting the Dessler Cannon on his palace, but a pair of saboteurs sent the station's wave motion core into overload before he could fire, blowing up Baleras II and the entire Imperial Guard fleet protecting it ("The Planet That We Head For", "One Man's War").


  • Baleras II plays a similar role as the second Death Star in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, as both are incomplete space stations armed with a superweapon, and each is used to trap and destroy a great threat to a brutal empire.


Japanese language informationEdit

第二バレラス Dai ni barerasu