Arcadia Port Ruins

Arcadia Port in early 2199.

Arcadia Port was a settlement in the northern hemisphere of Mars during humanity's attempts to colonize and terraform the planet.


Arcadia Port was severely damaged in fighting during the Second Inner Planet War in the early 2180s. Its residents, including an infant Akira Yamamoto, her elder brother, and their parents, were forced to evacuate Mars permanently[1] ("Messenger of Iscandar", "Farewell to the Solar System").

In the first weeks of 2199, the remains of Arcadia Port serve as cover for United Nations Cosmo Navy officers Daisuke Shima and Susumu Kodai as they wait for the secret arrival of a ship from the planet Iscandar carrying vital alien technology, and later as they await retrieval. The only passenger, Princess Sasha Iscandar, is killed when she crashes on the outskirts of the Port. The UNCN officers bury the princess nearby and plant a simple grave marker ("Messenger of Iscandar").


  • The port may have been named by the creators of the 2199 series after the Arcadia, the ship of Captain Harlock in the 1977 anime series Space Pirate Captain Harlock and its follow-up series. Leiji Matsumoto, one of the creators of the original Space Battleship Yamato series, also made Space Pirate Captain Harlock.
  • The port may also derive its name from one or more real-world locations. Arcadia is the name of an ancient province and present-day administrative area of southwestern Greece. Arcadia Planitia is a region in the northern latitudes of Mars.
  • "Arcadia" refers to the Greek concept of a bountiful, peaceful, and natural existence that is unspoiled by human civilization.
  • The Japanese name for the settlement is literally translated as "Arcadia City" (see below); however, a computer terminal in the UNCN Far East Headquarters command center and official English captions give its name as "Arcadia Port."



Japanese language informationEdit

アルカディアシティー Arukadiashitī