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Alteria is a planet located in the Nord Greater Province of the Great Garmillas Empire, and homeworld to one of the Empire's subject species. Until 2199, Alteria was an Earth-like world with oceans, forest land, and snow-capped mountains.

Alteria's native people are humans with reddish skin, black to grey hair, medium build, and resemble Turkic and Asiatic peoples of Earth. A large number of Alterians revolted against the Empire and surrounded the colonial capital, forcing some Garmillas citizens to evacuate while leaving many more behind. After his escape, Garmillas governor Liber Droppe called for help, summoning Hydom Gimleh and the Imperial Guard to Alteria. When he asked Gimleh to protect loyal refugees still on the planet, Gimleh instead decided that any resistance against the Empire must not be allowed to exist. Shortly after Gimleh ordered the governor's execution, the Imperial Guard launched a devastating assault on Alteria from orbit, immediately reducing much of the surface to wasteland and wiping out most--if not all--of the population in minutes ("Point of No Return").  

Alterians, observing a Garmillas missile bearing down on them.

Some Alterians were offworld at the time of the Imperial Guard's attack, thus avoiding immediate extinction. These survivors included a slave woman in the service of Garmillas Marshal Herm Zoellik in the days leading up to the attack ("The Whisper of the Witch") and a number of male prisoners on Leptapoda who were eventually liberated in a riot ("The Planet That We Head For").

The Garmillas high command was later informed of Alteria's devastation, horrifying some who believed that Gimleh had gone too far in dealing with the uprising ("Point of No Return").


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オルタリア Orutaria